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Minerva Water Purifier

Minerva is non – electric online water purifier, giving the best balance for potable drinking water. Minerva is a wall mounted purifier elegantly designed for your kitchen. Its advance technology with 0.5-micron porosity, removes all harmful bacteria with revolutionary bio silver technology. The microscopic pores of the silver-impregnated ceramic filter element make Sterasyl™ Cartridge an extremely efficient medium for the removal of germs and harmful bacteria and fine sediment from water. This special ceramic gives you an added benefit of being cleanable and re-usable. It requires no electricity to operate, and minimal installation. Being table top model, it can be kept on kitchen shelf and easily attached to your water source. No need of special technician to install. Your neighbourhood plumber can easily attach it. No special assembly or fine script manual is required to operate. Easy to clean and operate.

Why Cien (Minerva) Water Purifier: -

1. Easy to install & operate.
2. Removes harmful bacteria and germs.
3. 0.5-micron porosity cartridge stops dust, sediment from water.
4. Best suitable for municipal water.
5. Capacity of purifying 5 litres per minute.
6. Serves bigger family.
7. Online water purifier.
8. No electricity required.
9. Cost almost 3 times less then RO purifier and almost two times less then UV water purifier.
10. Bio-silver technology cartridge.
11. Easily available cartridge replacement. (Buy Online in seconds)
12. Global Certification (certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation-US), WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)